Name Lists

Looking for period names for your pirate story? Your nitpicking mod at the pirate RPG insists that Destyni Ravenfeather is an unacceptable name for your character? Need names from this general era for any reason? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are several lists of name from the 17th-18th Centuries that were either used during the Golden Age of Piracy (about 1680-1730, depending on who you ask) or could be justified for use in fiction set in that time. These names aren’t just for pirates, though. They can be used for family members, friends, innkeepers, RN officers – whoever needs a name in your pirates’ world.

Caution: These are not comprehensive lists; if don’t find what you want, you need to check the historical sources yourself. Re-enactors are advised to double-check the less common names just in case my sources were full of it. These are not “name the baby” lists! While most of the names are nice and normal by modern American standards, many of them are best left to fiction.

So far, I only have the English names up, but there’s more ethnic groups to come!



Last edited August 3, 2009.


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