Acknowledgements and Sources

I’ve used so many sources and had so much help that it’s hard to remember it all. But I’ll try.

First the books that helped me find many of the surnames and make sure they didn’t mean anything nasty. Caution: The SCA has doubts as to the accuracy of these books as sources of period names. If you use them to look for names that are not on my lists you must double-check the dates with other sources.

  • Hanks, Patrick and Hodges, Flavia, A Dictionary of Surnames, Oxford University Press, 1988
  • Smith, Elsdon C., New Dictionary of American Family Names, Harper & Row, New York, 1973
  • Norman, Teresa, Names Through the Ages, Berkley Books, New York, 1999.

These websites were very helpful in the making of the lists:

  • Behind the Name – Helped out with connotations.
  • British History Online – Helped with some of the first names and helped date some of the surnames.
  • Medieval Names Archive – Most of the the names are pre-17th Century, but there are a few articles with early 17th Century names and a couple helpful sections on what is and isn’t a good period name source.
  • Orange Hedgehog’s British Surnames Website – Helped with finding the existence and meaning of a lot of surnames.  It appears to be down, though.
  • Genealogy Surname Navigator – Helped date some of the names. Caution: Some parts are inaccurate. For best results, stick with the International Genealogical Index (IGI) records, and only those where the individual record says it’s extracted from the original source.

I’d also to thank all the people who critiqued the lists to weed out the hyper-famous names, the bad puns, nasty slang, effeminate male names, and other problems. Especially my sisters and the people at PiratesInfo.Com. You’ve all been a great help.

Last edited July 29, 2009.



  1. Happy to see the lists are finally up! They really helped me when you put them on Cheers!

  2. Thanks, CBink! The lists are somewhat different from the ones I put up on the forum. I found out just a month or two ago that one of my sources stank and I had to double check with more reliabe sources. In the end, the lists are shorter, but more accurate.

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