Thank you for reading my rules. These are subject to change as the blog evolves, though I’ll probably announce any changes.

AZ Dawn

Rules for Comments:

  • You don’t have to be registered with to leave a comment. 
  • Be nice. You don’t have to lick my boots or leave nothing but saccharine praise. Heck, you can critique me if you like (though whether or not I change things is another story). But whatever you do, use common courtesy. Please be nice to the others who leave comments, too.
  • Keep it clean. The kiddies might be reading, and I will edit out inappropriate material (severe swearing, obscene ASCII art, etc.).
  • Writing clearly. Everyone thinks more highly of you when you don’t use leet speak.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Do not feed the trolls. If I need to be defended from jerks, I’ll do it myself. And since “Ignore them and they’ll go away” truly works on the Web, trolls are best ignored.

Rules for Content Use: 

  • Don’t copy whole posts. A few quotes and a link will do. Anything longer requires my permission.
  • None of my content is to be used for commercial purposes. This is non-negotiable for the pixel dolls.
  • My graphics are adoptable unless otherwise noted. Credit and a link are required. The link may be on a separate page, but I must be clearly credited near the graphic.
  • You may use my graphics as avatars, signatures, or in layouts unless otherwise noted and as long as you obey my other terms. For example, you can use one of my dolls as a webpage header, but you cannot use it to make a webpage header.
  • If I put special conditions on a graphic – for instance, don’t use for avatars or signatures – please respect those conditions.
  • My graphics are to be displayed as is. No resizing, no recoloring, no using them to make other graphics, etc. Removing my copyright info is especially forbidden! If you use my graphics in your layout you must remove my graphics before you redistribute that layout.
  • My palettes and patterns don’t require a link or credit, though that would be very nice. However, don’t post them on your site or claim them as your work.
  • Don’t direct link or hot link. Save what you adopt to your hard drive and put it on your own server.
  • When in doubt, ask! I won’t guarantee you’ll like the answer, but at least I won’t bite your head off through the Internet.

Last edited March 11, 2009



  1. Rules annoy me.

  2. Comments like “Rules annoy me.” really annoy me.

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